Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO: Make Your Business Global

Multilingual SEO also known as international SEO is smack in the middle of every global SEO campaign. These are the actions, SEO actions that you take to get more organic traffic to your multilingual website.

It is the SEO you have grown to love but specifically for a website with multiple languages—multilingual SEO. You will still use the same search engine optimization techniques as with any normal SEO campaign but now you have to factor in different languages.

International SEO is especially sophisticated because you have to employ processes that can be language dependent or independent to make sure your search engines are able to understand and crawl your website.

How do we do this? We first go through your website—we do an overall analysis of your business website as it is. After we assess the current state of your website we come up with a strategy and recommendations to move forward.

The first step is content translation. You may have heard of using machine translation ( e.g. google translation) as a permanent translation for your content but the results are often misleading. We use a local language translator so they can proofread and review your content—making it sound natural.

We then go through your current SEO attributes—page titles, post titles, meta description, tags description, categories etc. to optimize them. After which, we go through your site’s URL structure, hreflang tag and multilingual sitemaps to optimize them.

Our main objective as WorldWebExperts, with respect to multilingual SEO is to get your business more traffic and make it visible to search engines across the world. We use a variety of strategies that are tailor made for your business and have proven results.