8 safety guidelines for avoid being trapped by Google Penguin update

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8 safety guidelines for avoid being trapped by Google Penguin update

8 safety guidelines for avoid being trapped by Google Penguin update

In order to avoid the increasing amount of web spamming, Google has recently launched a web spam update tool. This update tool was launched 3 weeks ago, as Google penguin update. The main objective through this tool is to minimise the rankings of the companies in the Google search which are considered to have violated the Google guidelines and terms. This penguin update is expected to be more effective and helpful than its predecessor, the panda update in finding out the spam websites. This time, Google has come up with really powerful Algorithm which will have huge impact on the traffic directed towards many websites.

Quality content given more importance:

This Penguin update will eliminate or black mark the website which do not follow the Google’s quality guidelines. Also this will prioritise and rank the other existing websites according to their website quality and content quality. If they are found to be a fake or duplicate website which is not unique, it will be immediately sacked. Google has not provided any particular list of guidelines to be followed, but there are certain pointers which may lead the penguin update to black out your website. This is one of the methods followed by Google to provide quality search to its users.

Few ways to avoid being trapped by Google update:

  • – Your site should not have multiple pages or sub-domains which have duplicate content.
  • – Do not use any redirecting method to increase traffic in your website.
  • – Avoid using excessive numbers of keywords which are not related to the page or website.
  • – Never send direct queries to Google.
  • – Always fill your page only with relevant keywords and content.
  • – Do not get associated with any misleading websites which may affect your rankings.
  • – Do not violate any of the Google guidelines while creating your own website.
  • – Do not involve in unwanted SEO practises.

While creating a website, your main motive must be to help the users and not to increase the traffic in website. If you have a quality website with very useful content for the target audience, you need not be threatened by any of these Google updates. Never indulge in “Cloaking” activities which refer to the act of pretending to be something else other than what actually it is. Your website can also earn high reputation by joining any affiliate program and offer quality content.

8 safety guidelines for avoid being trapped by Google Penguin update

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