Yes and No of Digital Press Releases After Google Updates

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Yes and No of Digital Press Releases After Google Updates

Yes and No of Digital Press Releases After Google Updates

Experts and commoners agree alike that recent Google updates and change of link policy has major impacts on press releases. So what are the dos and don’ts about them?

Recent Google updates have left organizations and webmasters wondering about what to do about link optimization in the changed circumstances. In addition; they are also concerned about past press releases as they are about the present and future press releases.

What Experts Have to Say
However there are many experts that feel that the change is not all bad. As one of them says;
“Companies should still include one or two links in order to get the reader over to the website or blog. This may cause a shift back to more traditional types of PR work – not necessarily a bad thing.” However, you need to learn about the dos and don’ts of link building with press releases and link optimization for web promotion.

Digital Press Release Today
In the past press releases were the domain of journalists that used to bring up news about companies and their products and services. Digital press release has overlapped the boundaries of past and now carries the news and information about companies and their products and services directly to the people. But the one that holds their lifeline is the search engines and now with change of Google algorithm the lifeline is virtually taken away. Yet experts feel that press releases are far from finished and they are still very useful. Once again the requirement for the webmasters is to know to which aspects they should say yes or no.

Things to do with Digital Press Release

Followings are the things that you can do with digital press release.

  • Add links to press releases but add them carefully. They are important because they fulfill important objectives of search engine optimization through high quality links.
  • Use releases that will improve experience of users and increase their visibility either in search or in socials.
  • Press releases can be used as opening to blogs and website and they can attract journalists and blogger when they contain interesting story materials. This will generate only natural links.
  • Videos and images may be used to improve attention as well as to educate the audience.
  • Use them for distribution of news and information through social media networks using paid as well as organic publications.

Things Not to do with Press Releases
With the changed Google policy there are certain things you can no more do with press releases.

  • You cannot generate inbound links with them.
  • Optimizing anchor text links is now prohibited.
  • Keyword stuffing or use of press releases as part of your link building strategies is now not permissible.

Press Release Can Still Be Optimized
Despite the change of Google policy it is still possible optimizing the press releases. Some of the possible ways are using headlines, optimized keywords, title, hashtags, description, videos, photos, and social media messaging.

Bottom line of all these is that press releases today can still work as natural, social as well as mobile way of optimizing website for aspirant webmasters.

Yes and No of Digital Press Releases After Google Updates

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