W3C validation is not a factor of Google Search Engine Ranking

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W3C validation is not a factor of Google Search Engine Ranking

W3C validation is not a factor of Google Search Engine Ranking

Matt Cutts and Google have announced that the W3C proof clean coding neglected in the search engines. There are other advantages to having a valid site, but there’s nothing in the Google algorithm to increase search engine rankings.

There has been much debate whether W3c validatation is included in Google search engine rankings factors or not, for a Web site.

W3C schools have led to a very favorite and widely applied tool, called validation W3C Validation.

Basically, these tools consider the HTML and CSS mode code on your website as some errors that may occur. These free tools leave scan the entire code to verify that it complies on current web criteria and free or another error.

Recently, Matt Cutts, software engineer at Google, said again that W3C validation does not effect search engines rankings. These aren’t the 1st time he’s said and do not last more people are converted that the W3C is a factor out the ranking of search engines.

Many people believe that a clean code website gain search engine rankings.

Clean Code is to help the spiders of search engines to read and realize your site easier. A dedicated website code will guide on the bot to the most important of your site without being mixed in a tangle of unnecessary code.

Since a website is that it looks fine in Internet Explorer doesn’t mean it wishes appear the same in Mozilla Firefox, mobile phones, Internet, TV, etc. It is a major problem for many developers of Web pages of a website may seem great in a team, and awful look on a different computer.

These are the most important issue of Google with W3C validation. Just because a Web site through the validation test of the W3C does not mean it is compatible with all browsers. These are why Google does this factor in its classification.

A different reason that Google doesn’t review sites is due to the time required to approve each individual page. They do not wait at slow loading sites where there are millions of pages out there with similar information.

Although it seems sad that there are no universal web standards in the short term, we can keep our hopes. Matt Cutts, Google also admits he wants to validate the page, but the reality is that many sites, including popular sites fail validation.

These would base that these pages are written off, or the need to design and code on your website. Both findings could have enormous proportions on the web. If the code should be changed, the field can be modified to adapt to the new encoding.

Now you wonder why many sites accept a link at the bottom says W3C valid. W3C Validation appears that broken link and a lot additional important factors that could negatively effect the coding of how people perceive your site.

Finally, it’s a good idea to validate the W3C site for errors and clean coding.

W3C validation is not a factor of Google Search Engine Ranking

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