Truth and Myth of Google’s Disavow Tool

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Truth and Myth of Google’s Disavow Tool

Truth and Myth of Google’s Disavow Tool

Like most other new inventions in the web world, the Google’s disavow tool has certain myth attached to it. What are these myths?

It is common feature in the world of inventions to associate some myths with any new invention and only after the tool is put to extensive use that such myths are eliminated. However in the initial days of any new web tool, myths are natural associates because of various misconceptions that users have about such tools. The latest Google Disavow tool is no exception to this common rule.

Google Penguin and Aftermath
Many changes have taken place in the web world after the advent of Google Penguin 2.0 updates. These are –

  • Necessity of rebuilding the complete link audit;
  • Removing any questionable link from the site;
  • Reporting unwanted links to Google so that they would ignore it;

And when the requests made to webmasters to remove their links goes unanswered, you can always use the Google’s disavow tool so that Google ignores links reported by you. But for getting the best out of this disavow tool you need to know certain things about the tool.

Google Disavow Tool
Most webmasters trying to use the Google Disavow tool will have a lot of concerns. However most of these concerns are not based on facts but on myths. Knowing the following facts about the tool will help you.

  • Google Disavow tool came up a year back;
  • Objective of the tool is to remove unwanted links from your website;
  • You will be able to submit a list of sites that are not wanted;
  • Disavow tool will not remove such links but Google will ignore these sites after the list is submitted using Google’s Avow tool and
  • You have to move with due care and caution in using the Avow tool so as to avoid chances of any error occurring.

Google Avow Tool Limitations
However, the avow tool has some limitations that are peculiar to it. According Matt Cutts, the chief spam fighter of Google, users have to progress and it would be good for them to use the following methods.

  • It will not be correct just uploading each and every link that is not wanted by you.
  • Google wants that you reach out to each and every webmaster related to those links repeatedly before uploading them on avow tool.

As Matt Cutts puts it – “Google wants you to take steps to have the links removed before you begin disavowing. This means identifying the sites and reaching out to them the old fashioned way, with an email request indicating that you’d like the link removed from their website.”

Why Contact Webmasters
Why should you contact the webmasters that have provided you with the unwanted links? The reason is simple. Sending hundreds of emails to them could be time consuming and require a lot of efforts but the trouble would be worth it saving you from the eventualities of future penalties.

Best way of using Google Avow tool is obtaining some professional expert services unless you are a completely DIY enthusiast.

Truth and Myth of Google’s Disavow Tool

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