3 Reasons to start link building through dedicated blogs

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3 Reasons to start link building through dedicated blogs

Google has come up with most innovative ways to attract the users and also to provide quality service to its users. To avoid any misleading websites and websites spamming, Google has launched many search metrics. These search metrics will ensure that, only unique and useful websites are ranked during the Google search. After the introductions of these Search metrics like Panda update and penguin update, there have been lot of changes in link building. Due to the high level of scrutinising, many of the link building companies has stopped its services. Most of the link building companies has not been able to create traffic towards their client sites.

To avoid all such difficulties, you can start using the dedicated blogs. These blogs are similar to any other webpage, which concentrates more on the relevant topic and will not be linked with any other deceiving websites. When you build links through dedicated blogs, it will surely have a positive effect on the traffic. Three main reasons for choosing dedicated blogs are listed below.

Only relevant topic:
As the name describes, these blogs will be exclusively dedicated to its clients only. Hence, you can find only relevant information here and there will be no excessive keywords content. All the information about the client website can be posted and discussed in this blog. Discussion on a certain topic will increase the number of readers and respondents which will indirectly increase the site traffic. They are very much suitable for any Niche topic. As the target people strength is very less, you can easily grab their attention to the blog discussion.

Looks Natural:
This latest way of link building approach is found to be natural. There are no any artificially added contents or any fake information provided in these blogs. They are always found to get a healthy amount of traffic which does not make the Google updates suspicious. These blogs are more similar to forums where there are only posts and discussions about the client website. When you add the client’s link in the blog, only people who are interested will click on to the link. Hence, there will be no surprises for the readers. So it is considered as a natural way of increasing the ranking to your website.

High customer support:
Usually, there is high level of customer support in dedicated blogs. They have a team who assist their clients for any queries regarding the content or maintenance.

3 Reasons to start link building through dedicated blogs

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